Hi there!
I’m Courtney Kintrell and thanks for clicking in.

I’m a true southern belle, born and reared in the Deep South! It’s true. … The house I grew up was in the middle of three different cotton fields and, for fun, I would jump on my dirt bike and try to outrun the crop-duster! Don’t knock it if you have never done it! BIG fun! Ha-ha.

Special events were the “cotillions” and “teas” with our elbow-length white gloves. The town is exactly the same today...

I had the travel bug and wanted to go and see EVERYWHERE! So I left town and never went back, except to visit my nanny!

While still living in the south, I choose to be in the cities rather than rural areas! I don’t think the whole dirt bike thing would be fun anymore :)

When not at home, I am traveling all over! It is the Best thing in this world!


Courtney Kintrell